Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nothing and Everything

It practically took me ages to start writing again. But yeah at last I am. So let's see what I am going to write about today. Hmm..  Nothing. Nothing and Everything I guess. You know those days when you want to do everything but literally nothing? Yeah I am feeling something like that today. I want to have fun, hang out with friends, cut off some load from my to - do list which is basically piling up day by day but yeah you guessed it right I haven't and don't want to do it. Just want to sleep my ass off. Relatable huh? ;)

So how do you guys spend your time? I seriously need some tips on that. Tried watching videos on YouTube but didn't really work. First you’re watching some cool DIYs and the next thing you know your somehow watching some stupid how - to videos. If that makes sense! That shows how much happening  my life is! Like what am I supposed to do?? The only thing I can do is sit and wonder what I would do in several situations that probably won't even happen. But who cares, after all that fantasy is so much better than the real life. Anyways, what I did today is I spent my whole day watching all three seasons of Sherlock! Literally the whole day! Crazy right? But I am sure even you guys have those days. I can't be the only one doing this. If I am then I could be admitted in a mental hospital!

People think we are anti - social but we are really just partially social. It depends on our mood if we actually want to socialize. At one moment we are really happy and social and the next thing you know we could be in our bed, wrapped up in our blankets thinking about every possible thing. It gets depressing and thinking about it makes you even more depressed. What you can do is nothing. I won't even blame you if you search for some depressing music on YouTube! Like people do search for music to put them to sleep so why not search for music to listen to when you’re depressed. Right? Well it gets more depressing. But you could always watch or listen to motivational videos on YouTube. It actually gives you that edge when you need some. Won't say it will work for everyone of you but it just might work for some of you. And something is better than nothing. Isn't it? There are many great people in our society and reading their life story also pumps you up with motivation. With that being said just remember "Life is a roller - coaster ride." It has both ups and downs.